38 Incredible Keto Diet Before and After Pictures

Ever since adult film star Jenna Jameson had a baby and chose keto as the vehicle to transform herself back into her youthful figure, people have been looking for more keto before and after stories.

Jenna Jameson Keto Before After Baby
Jenna After Her Baby and After Keto

Here’s an updated “What I eat in a day”
Two cups of coffee with stevia and sugar free creamer.
Then I wait until I get hungry.
My favorite go to when I am breaking my nightly fast is my Bomblette with a huge ice water.
I then put my daughter to nap and work on my poshmark
When she wakes up I immediately put rice or pasta to boil for her and lately I have been loving making a tender white fish baked in the oven in butter with garlic. I pair that with a arugula salad with olive oil and a touch of vinegar or my savage cabbage.
For my last meal before my fast I am loving my “Beastie Bolognese” I eat it like chili!!!! Then my intermittent fasting begins around 6 pm. During my fast I allow myself “nana” which is a Moroccan mint tea. (Fresh mint leaves and hot water. Then I go to bed! Hope this helps you guys! Remember also I am in maintenance mode now so I have upped my calories. Adjust your portions if in weight loss mode! FYI I fast from 6pm-11am every night (I tru to it)

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If you are looking for the motivation to lose 50 pounds or similar weight loss stories, and think that you really want to give the keto diet a chance, you need nothing more than these 38 amazing keto before and after pictures taken of keto friendly diet enthusiasts. It is not intended to replace consultation with your doctor, but almost four dozen fat loss results speak for themselves.

It is the fat loss diet that makes people lose weight, while improving without changing their configuration!

ketohilary 2 years before and after 2019
ketohilary 2 years before and after 2019

We start off with an update from ketohilary, who writes:

Saturday was my 2 years of fitness and weight loss marker. Two years ago I was coming back from a trip to Chicago with my sister and had a shift mentally and knew no matter what happened after this I would do whatever it took to change and be a healthier happier me.

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Our definitive visualization of Keto weight loss photos will show that this approach works for most of all. The results depend on the “level” reached in the keto friendly diet, since there are different “intensities” that can be reached in ketosis (ie, the amount of fat that is obtained), so some of the these results look good, while others look impressive. It is mainly due to the ability to follow the diet and not get out of ketosis too often.  Some refer to these pics as the Atkins success stories before and after page, but keto is not the exact same as the Atkins diet, since some achieve ketosis using only a vegetarian approach.f

ketogenic before and after ketomermaid_

@ketomermaid_view this story on instagram : “My family Sept 18 and November 17 SW: 104kg | CW: 76 kg | GW: 64kg I was not close to my heavier in the previous photo (left) but I think it's still a noticeable difference “

“My little boy is getting bigger and I'm getting smfaller after I started eating keto!”

Get a Keto body without diet – Details here
ketomermaid_ 5  ketogenic before and after

Here is another selfie from @ketomermaid_ after 5 months – and even if there is a bit of belly sucking to make the keto journey look so amazing, you can see why it looks like they have the perfect family, with everyone receiving love and attention.

Keto Diet Photos and Notes
myketotransformation size 20 pics before and after keto

“In my keto weight loss timeline, I observed the transformations of the people and the net carb food diaries for months. What I found interesting was that people were losing weight looking like they had gastric bypass but they did not, it was just another keto journey. 

I'm not sure what my real breaking point was other than that we went on vacation and avoided all the photos, I ordered a bikini in a 4xl (Chinese size) and it did not fit, and the fact that I was turning 30 and I swore I would have lost weight by then, we also talked about getting married this summer and I was not going to be a fat girlfriend, always having my triple chin chase me in the photos. “

ketobabyy  ketosis diet before and after 3873

Ketobabyy – Día uno y Día veinte Gotas 11 libras y la diferencia es notable!

This is an impressive example of how fast and impactful you can see results – in just 20 days you can see it go from two rolls to one in the belly area – massive improvement in just a few weeks.  The results look even better than the 40 day water fast since you don't have that emaciated and hungry look.

Before and After Keto Images

“Well, here we are. #sidebysidesunday I have recently decided that I had enough because the symptoms of PCOS were ruining my day to day. In the last year I put 50 pounds, I started having anxiety / panic attacks, mood swings and manic depression.

So far I have only given keto a 100% commitment for 20 days. I feel much better mentally and to be honest, I really did not feel / see physical changes. Today I made a side by side of my personal progression photos.

Extreme Weight Loss Photos

HOLY MOLY ~ there is not a big difference, but at least I can see that I'm going in the right direction! There is a difference of 11 pounds between these 2 photos (which I thought was the whole weight of the water! LOL).

“I am very grateful that the keto community is so welcome / supportive. In such a short time it has had such a positive impact on my life. “

jennacantlose 3874  before and after photos

shows the full transformation here, and although we do not have the time frame listed, it's probably 60 days between photo sessions.

Do you think it's the same woman? Take a look at that tattoo and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

“Ugh. I almost cowed myself in posting this before the image of me. This is me in my heaviest, probably around 187 maybe more. More than likely more. I asked my husband to shoot an elbow photo for a professional breastfeeding photo for IG. I do not even know what to say, other than how I feel my body. Go Go.

A Zero Carb Before and After Look

Let's talk about what a day of zero carb eating looks like for me on day 1 that I do not practice intermittent fasting. I wake up with Batel around 7 am. Immediately I swallow 1-2 cups of coffee (regular snapshot) with a spoonful of coconut oil and a splash of unsweetened cream (I can not stop it will not stop).

In about an hour I make 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a handful of crushed Mexican cheeses. I cut an avocado and I take half. Then I put Batel to his nap at noon and work in my poshmark until he wakes up at 2:30 – 3:00.

I'm hungry by then, so I toss a ribeye steak into my cast-iron skillet and roast it with purple onions and garlic. I serve it on kale. I'm not hungry for dinner, so I usually bake a small fish fillet (I love sea bass). That's! I receive so many requests about what I can do so a weekly treatment to help everyone with their diet keto ♥ ️ keep me updated on their progress, it makes me happy to hear their victories! Oh, and can we talk about my abs spying?

Keto Before and After 2 Weeks

While almost everyone we review here took 3 months or more, you will find below some people who have photos after being on keto for just 2 weeks.  The results are not the stunning ones you see in the grocery store tabloids, but it is noticeable, and two weeks is usually enough to get a firm handle on living in ketosis and handling all the side effects that come with it.

Keto Diets Before and After With Dr Oz

Even Dr. Oz likes keto, and here he speaks with a woman who had success and lost 75 pounds:

Dr. Oz with Keto Woman who lost 75 pounds

@whyweighttv has this to say: “We have to stop putting deadlines in our bodies, we have our whole lives to be healthy and happy; losing 20 pounds in 30 days does not mean my pics can't improve after my keto diet before and after 30 days! Create healthy habits, not restrictions, do not think about what you can not do but what you can do!

Staying motivated is difficult, I fight against demons daily, but I know my body and mind well enough for now to know good food positivity and regular exercise brings not only my body, but my mind and soul! “

ketofaith 3875 ketosis diet before and after 7 months

Keto 7 Month Body Makeover before and after

While @ ketofaith seems happier at first, I think the reality is that she is smiling almost all the time now, due to the bodily transformation that the ketosis process has done for her.

With a little deception here and there, it is still possible to continue on the road to reaffirm your body, and have everyone asking what you are doing to look much younger.

“I shared this on my personal Facebook page yesterday and I thought I should share it here too! I am so happy to see the changes I have made in my body so far this year and I can not wait to see where the next months will take me! ” It is so exciting to see all these bodily transformations!

Why would you ever do a 14 day water fast to get before and after pics when you can eat all you want on keto and get even better results?  It's the reason keto is so popular, since you never need to feel hungry.

Stuff Your Face and Lose Weight?

One of the awesome things about keto is the way you can combine foods and lose weight.

Take a look at how some keto folks eat ice cream and slim down to six pack abs. That's why I think keto is good for everyone – if you learn how to combine foods, and when to eat them, you'll make your body a whole lot more happy, and you'll really start to feel better.

More Ketosis Diet Before and After Photos

“I have a damn waist that comes ??? It's only about 2 months between these pictures and about 15 pounds apart, but a big difference in the shape of my waist / stomach and the clothes fit much more loose these days ? ???

The scale has not been my friend at all during my Keto trip so far, but I am trying very hard to focus on how much better I feel (and look) instead of focusing on that number. It's not easy, and I still get on myself when I do not see the scales moving fast enough (or if I recover a pound or 2), BUT I try, and that's all I can do right now. “

@keto4karboholics ketosis diet before and after

Kindergarten Keto Diet Before After

keto4karboholics manages to drop a whopping 58 pounds down after following the keto diet, and while she looks fabulous in both photos, the back picture on the right is definitely going to get some extra attention in life.

@Keto4karboholics  keto before and after

“My goal weight took time to hit. That time I changed the way I see the food, the rewards and my body.

I enjoyed, and I still enjoyed this way of eating. I love how I feel and see myself. Enough to rationalize! “

ketobeauties 3879 keto before and after

@ketobeauties has dropped an incredible 83 pounds and wants to go for another 17 pounds!

She writes: “A little motivation to start your morning to the right !!! This is what it looks like -83 pounds. 17 more pounds to my goal !! ✌? My initial weight was 260 pounds! “

kailey.wilderman: You look amazing!

kevingoesketo 3881 male keto before and after

@kevingoesketo shows that Keto is not just for girls! This complete transformation shows that the boys have the same results: rapid loss of fat and restoration of their youthful bodies.

Kevin Benko states: “… I want to share my results, recipes for successful weight loss in a ketogenic diet, as well as some tips and tricks for people who have just started ! without the problem of diarrhea . “

brittney-in-bloom before and after keto

@Brittney.in.bloom says: “I was finally able to reduce the size of my scrubbing funds! I have not been able to reduce the size on the top yet because these hips do not lie ? but I hope soon! I definitely needed this NSV to be motivated this week. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Keep killing him! “

“Keto gave me back my life and when I make comparisons like this, it usually brings me to tears. I can not even describe all the emotions that make me feel. “

You should take a look at his insta page as this photo does not show the transformation of radiant beauty that keto has blessed her with.

3883 keto4medon 65 pounds lost before and after keto

has cut 65 pounds and rekindled her life in many incredible ways.

Christina writes “Hello everyone! Somehow we had a lot of followers in the last week, so I thought about introducing myself and trying to explain what I've been doing with this keto diet before and after adventure so far ….

Buuuut I think the first thing I have to say is that I'm literally starting.

#myketotransformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #ketofam

I'm definitely not an expert on KETO, I actually feel like I'm getting the trick of myself. I am learning from all of you every day. Keto food is tasty, which makes it look as pretty as possible and have my husband take pictures of it! I started this account to look for Keto recipes and inspiration, to be responsible, and to try to motivate me to try new recipes and not eat egg salad every day ?. Mental clarity is only an advantage!

I started keto almost 5 months ago because …

I thought I had Candida!

I had a persistent rash on my chin and eyelids, among other symptoms. They started after a massive round of antibiotics for an infection that developed after I had an emergency appendectomy. So I think my intestinal health was ruined. We have also been struggling to conceive baby # 2.

I have unexplained Secondary Infertility

and while I was going through all the tests for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, they also said that I had a thyroid problem. I turned to Dr. Google (which is usually a terrible idea) and saw keto diet before and after pics again and again on my Instagram account. So I did a little research and decided to give it a try. The first month I lost 27 pounds and I felt better than ever. The skin cleared, I started to get more and more energy.

All that really motivated me to keep going.

Ok, so now for the questions I've been getting … I'm 6 feet tall. The initial weight was 261.6, on Wednesday I weighed 185.8, so I lost 75.8 pounds the last time I checked it. I use the free application carbohydrate manager to calculate my macros, and also to track my food. My current macros are 1200 calories, 14 g of net carbohydrates, 85 g of fat, 69 g of protein. I concentrate on knowing proteins, and being low in carbohydrates and calories.

I do not worry about fat too much

Or try to meet the goal of high-fat diet if I am full, because I still have a large amount of stored fat that my body can use for fuel. As very clean and I stay with my macros 80% of the time, and 20% of the time I drink dietary soda, rockstar without sugar, eat keto cake for breakfast, have low-carbohydrate tortillas, go on calories, drink too much Vodka, have days off … you understand. It might take longer to get those keto diet before and after shots, but you have fun while you trim.

3885 kailiesmama 6 month keto diet before and after

is also on the way with the keto process!

Bria writes: “5 + Months of dedication ? • How – #ketogenicdiet • Do I exercise? – Not much. I will begin my gymnastics routine in September, enjoying summer for now. My before and after keto pics on Instagram will look better with that.

How to start – Find a Keto calculator and find out your macros, I keep track of everything with My fitness friend. Read keto books, listen to keto podcasts, Pinterest is a keto gold mine, follow keto instagrammers. Educate yourself!

No, I do not have meal plans or practical advice. • “But I could never give up the bread!” – Yes, you can.

I cheat? – I cheated on vacation, but they do not do it a normal thing. The process of returning to ketosis is not worth a donut for me. But you do what works for you. You want a good ketosis diet before and after upload for your Insta, right?

Can you drink alcohol? There are not many carbohydrate alcohols but they make me delay when I drink them. So I save alcohol for special occasions.

Are you afraid of regaining all your weight after stopping keto? I do not intend to return to eating full carbohydrates after losing my weight, I will adjust my macros accordingly. And I will always eat what I want on vacation “

3887 shrinkingbeverly_e  keto diet before and after

is showing some fantastic progress, in addition to using ketogenic techniques.

Beverly writes: “Your is my reminder to keep going !! 0.4 pounds is all I lost this week. Normally I would give up at this point because the scale barely moved, but I know I've been on top of my eating and exercising … it's also Mother Nature's week ? I have to keep going “. Look for more before and after keto pics on my #insta.

“This double chin goes away and I promise you will never come back lol”

3888 ketobell_ireland keto diet before and after

shows that Europeans can also get the benefits of ketogenesis, with all the food available to gain energy, look better and transform.

3889 ketoqueen365 keto diet before and after results

is a mother who found success.

3890 keto_taj keto diet before and after 30 days

shows us how you can see results in just 60 days when you follow the ketogenic guidelines.

Taj exclaims “I hate that I have removed all the photos of me that I did not approve because I thought it was too fat / ugly .

Now, I'm trying to get pictures of myself, but I'm still behind the camera and not in front of her. Well Anyway, you may not always see the movement of the scale, but just by looking at these two before and after keto pictures I can see the inches falling. “

3891 loving_lessofme_ before and after keto diet

How could I be angry on Monday with mornings like this?

@loving_lessofme_more‘s Kimberley has this to say:

“Not always as a punishment for what you ate … but as a celebration of everything your body is capable of doing ♥ ️ …

I took my girls outside this morning to burn some energy before it gets too hot. They jumped on the trampoline while cheering them on and I went into a great workout with my resistance bands. When I finished with my training we ran to each other with our legs bent. It was an explosion …

3892 joanna ketoincanada keto diets before and after

@ketoincanada is having the best success in history with keto. Joanna writes “Week after week I put my time in the gym. You do not see the changes from day to day, you just have to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Trust that when you eat the right foods in the right amount, your body becomes thin –

TRUST that when you push your body physically your muscles will grow and your shape development will be continuing without changing your settings.

If you are not enjoying the trip, just focusing on the number of the scale will fail before you have really given yourself an opportunity to change

DO NOT give up on yourself

because you're not moving fast enough. Do not give up on the things you want because other people are coming faster! This is not a race with other people for the most keto diet before and after likes, this is slow tracking, constant routine, strangely rewarding trip for yourself “

3893 ketoguido male keto diet before and after

@ketoguido shows how guys can do keto. It is as simple as getting carbohydrates below 20 g per day (net carbohydrates). Vinny adds “

More Before and After Pics

High Low Fat Carb on the left (2015) … Low High Carb Fat on the right (today) … and people still claim that meat causes more inflammation than sugar ??♂️ … maybe for some but not for this – Going carnivore for a week really helped my body get back to things. 
Another finding was that I barely passed gas in carnivore and yesterday I had an Atkins bar and some grain-free carbohydrates and I've been stinking my house ? .. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's that my body was running as a well-oiled machine in only meat and once a little carbohydrate and sweetener was introduced it was started buggin “

Images of Ketosis Diet Before and After

ketofitmw adds “I would go without bars, or bulletproof bars, Atkins bars. The gas is almost definitely from the sugar alcohols in the bars that can cause gas / lower intestinal swelling. You want to switch to pure stevia leaf extract as a sweetener because it is natural / from a leaf, not artificial / man-made in a laboratory like the other sugar alcohol sweeteners. “
3894 shrinking_shantel keto diets before and after

I even blow my mind, even consider the person on the left is also the one on the right – a complete transformation of night and day.

She writes: “I just had some thoughts I wanted to share. I talk to so many women every day who know what to do to bring their bodies closer to what they want.

But they just are not doing it!

You are just holding back with your mind or your lack of routine. Nobody can do this for you!

can tell you what I eat every day and what my gym routine is but if you are not putting in the effort, you will not see results!

I just want to remind everyone that if you want to transform your body and get where you've only dreamed, every detail counts! Every little thing makes a difference! Mental health is a byproduct of physical activity.

It starts in your mind. It has to be worth it for you. You have to prioritize! Others are not only lucky, they can be more detailed and specific … or CONNECTOR! It's that easy … or difficult. It depends on you! Think really about your goals and how much energy you are really putting into them. Keep carbohydrate low on your meal plans and you will do well. Your routine could cost you.

3895 ketofy-me body transformation keto diets before and after

@ketofy.me also looks younger and younger.

Lele's ketogenic before and after Photos

Lele writes “3 years wiser? Maybe ? (I honestly do not remember the exact date, but I'm pretty sure it was 33 lol). Enjoying my 30 years, but I really do not want to waste the end of this by being overweight and unhealthy. 

I am definitely healthier now since I started my friendly trip with keto: I was yoyo doing many diets. Summer 2019 here I come for the long term !! “

3896 ashleymorrisfit 12 month keto transformation keto diets before and after

@ashleymorrisfit Ashley has taken keto to the next level – making keto and fitness her @business and life. She writes: “Oh, my God! 365 days apart &

I do not even recognize myself!

On the left is a picture of me on my 23rd birthday … weighing 185 pounds and absolutely miserable. Looking at the keto diets before and after pics on google, I knew I could do it too.

I had just had my breasts done and I thought it would solve all my problems regarding my body image. I was wrong.

It was the wake-up call I needed. There was not a surgery that made me love myself again.

There is nothing you can buy and there is no amount of money that solves that problem, but I will tell you what it can- good old simple and simple hard work. Put in the time, put in the effort, put in the work and never fail. I can promise you that.

There are no shortcuts, you have to be willing to change or nothing changes. Reprioritize your life and put yourself and your health FIRST. “

3898 carolineloses keto diet before and after 30 days

@carolineloses seems completely unrecognizable from his past self. She tells us “I am 6 months post op and 100 pounds down !! ? 300 lbs. vs 199 lbs. I still have 50-60 pounds to lose until I'm where I want to be. But I'm so happy to see how far I've come. Sometimes I need to be reminded because I still feel fat and aware of myself. But I am much more than that … ? “

3899 losermentality husband and wife keto diet before and after 30 days

@losermentality has regained his life. Read his story: “I from a size 20 to an 8, he from a size 35 to a 31. 135lbs total! It's quite difficult to get my husband @starsonmyarm to participate in my photo shoots of Instagram ??♀️ but he was playing after seeing how huge his old pants were, and said let's add our keto diets before and after to our Insta.

We've been together for 18 years, since we were teenagers. We grew up together and we learned everything side by side. How to cook, how to budget, how to live with someone, how to build a solid rock relationship, how to build a family, and how to support someone you love through anything.

I was 16 when we met. I was thin / medium and had a lot of luggage and emotional problems, but he loved me and casually encouraged me to work through things.

In my 20s I ate to hide my pain and gained more than 100 pounds. He gently encouraged me to be more active with him and continued to tell me that he was “hot.” When we talked about having children, she told me that she would be an incredible mother and suggested that we work for ourselves before taking the next step. When I started running, he started with me. When I cut carbohydrates, he also cut them. When I celebrate hitting my goals, he is my biggest fan. All the time he is hitting goals by himself and does not ask for a shred of recognition.

I do not think I could have gotten where I am without your support, influence and encouragement. If you have that person too, do not be afraid to lean on her. If you can be that person to someone, do it.

Wherever you are on your trip today, just keep moving. Concentrate on the small changes and the next goal. You will arrive there and you will not regret anything. Happy friends of Tuesday! “

3900 thefittrainerswife keto diets before and after

@thefittrainerswife is the perfect image of health. Liz writes: “Yes, keto has transformed my body, but even more it has transformed my relationship with food, my eating habits and my time in the kitchen. I love the freedom that keto gives me and the ability to create truly satisfying meals. I love that I'm not hungry all the time, I never feel deprived, and I can always find something that fits my goals. And it tastes good. Keto works for me “

Male Ketogenic Before and After Photos – The Visual Results of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet

3901 life_is_keto keto diets before and after

@life_is_keto is living the good life and has this to say about his keto transformation: “On Tuesdays we transform! I have been keeping it for more than 2 months and I love it! He lost 112 pounds in less than 1 year doing #Keto and exercising occasionally. If I can do it, you can too! “If you told menshealth.com about keto, you know it's working!

3909 bodytakeback ketogenic before and after

@bodytakeback – the name says it all – she is back in the chair! Another keto diet before and after 30 days result!

Male Ketosis Diet Before and After Photos

3910 keto diet pictures man with keto weight loss results

Jessie shares “So far from perfect, but that is not my goal. My goal is to have resistance during my workouts, to have an incredible form, and to be strong enough to push myself to be better than my last representative. This last month I decided to experiment with my diet to overcome this plateau I have been in, eating a diet that is higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates. I have lost 10 pounds !!! 10 pounds in a month! ???

The weight is melting and I've felt so, so good! Which I did not expect. I was always a believer so solid in carbohydrates and proteins, but I had never considered that a diet higher in fat could give me so much energy and help me transform my body fat even more. It only shows that you should never think that you know everything! ? I am excited to embark on this style of eating everything while sharing my workouts, fitness tips and everything. “

I'm excited to embark on this style of eating everything while sharing my workouts, fitness tips and everything. “

“You can eat your cheesecake and candy and eat them in keto!”

@ketodietresults writes in “SELFIES! I do not take many, especially to track my weight loss.

But today is my birthday … How old do you think I am? Clearly I need to work on my golfer / farmer's tan.

I was at my highest weight around 2009 (> 200 pounds). It dropped to 148 pounds in 2013. It supports up to 176 pounds in 2015 before keto. He crossed the 150-pound mark in April 2016 and has not been above that number since then. As of today they are 141.8 pounds.

My next step is the higher weights with my workouts, since now I do almost all the body weight and the kettle bell. My maximum set of push-ups is 60 repetitions. The maximum set of chin-ups is 20. My plans and practical guide is to live beyond 100. With technology and the help of qualified medical professionals, I do not see why 150-200 is not possible. “

Kristina's Success Story

Kristina's story is special, so check out her Keto success story.

Videos and images of low carb diet Before and After

Well, there we have the most recent collection of success stories of the keto diet – only reduce to 20 net grams of carbohydrates per day, and in a few days the fat will begin to fall. You will know when the ketosis starts, because you will be able to feel that the energy moves a bit slower during a little before it is completely kicked in the high ketosis. If you need help adopting a low carbohydrate lifestyle, check out our free resources (even get sick) at the top of this page. You can find the carb videos meal plans in the links here.

If you like what you see here, the next step is to start with the keto video (it is loaded with practical tips that you will appreciate).

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