7 Low Carb Lessons For Keto Dieters

7 Low Carb Lessons For Success

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One of the struggles in keto is how to “do keto”, or “follow the keto diet”. The ones who really *get* keto, who master it, have another approach – this is not a short term pain for a reward, this is science showing us a better way (bioscience, actually). So, once that sinks in, and you start adjusting to life in a better way, you start to see the amazing body shape develop. You start to have more energy, better memory and clarity. In short, the changes self-motivate.

But in the beginning, it is hard. So let's take a look at these 7 tips for getting started with a low carb diet:

low carb diet rules to succeed

Today’s low-carb lesson, behaviour change I ask what are the 7 steps to behaviour change? What are the 7 simple rules so we break bad habits – for life! Listen to the incredible Dr Louise Schofield who explains beautifully why we rely on automatic decision making (habits) on a daily basis:


The 7 steps to low carb success, from Dr. Louise Schofield:

1. Know your why. Changing behavior is not easy, so make sure you are fully committed to it – which means understanding why you are doing it.
2. Make it as fun as possible. If you want to get fit and healthy, don't take up running if you hate running. Do a physical activity you actually enjoy.
3. Be positive with yourself.
4. Make it as easy as possible. That means if you didn't use to cook before, don't start now. Cut out the easy stuff – like chips and chocolate cookies, so when your willpower is low, you don't just dip in and grab the junk food – you have to get and and drive to the shops…which is much less likely to happen. Make the healthy choice the easiest choice.
5. Make it a habit. Try and get into a routine as soon as you can. Exercise at the same time each day.
6. Involve other people. When you have support, it's easier to succeed and harder to fail.
7. Track and measure your progress. It can be very motivating.

Here's the interview with Dr. Louise Schofield to further explain the 7 steps to low carb success:

The 7 Rules for Low Carb Success Interview with Dr. Schofield

You may be wondering “what's the difference between the keto diet and the low carb lifestyle, since they are very similar.

Here's a nice infographic to show the difference between a low carb diet and a keto diet, courtesy of WSY:

low carb diet versus keto diet

As you see, avoiding bread, pasta, sugar, corn, beans and rice are common to both methods. One rule of thumb for vegetables you can follow is “if you can eat it without cooking it, it's ok to eat”. Corn and potatoes, for instance, are difficult to eat without cooking. Need to grab a fast food bite? Try our low carb subway. Just be sure to keep your blood sugar under control to stay in ketosis.

Let us know if you prefer low carb over keto dieting, or if you find them too similar to tell the difference.