Conquering Keto Cravings

keto cravings and the ways to win the battle for the body.
The mental game of conquering your cravings on keto

One of the biggest challenges when starting a keto lifestyle is the urge to binge on what you typically have binged on before.

For 80% of us, that's the sugary sweets, chocolates, and Starbucks syrups we love so much. Sugar cravings can overwhelm the mind!

It's really not *you* that has this urge to binge on these things. The research shows that the living microbes in your gut have consciousness and can signal you to do what they want.

The solution to this is to change the microbiome in your belly.

One great way to do this on keto is to eat a good anti-microbiome meal.

Example: craving mocha frappucino? Barbecue up a filet mignon with asparagus! This completely decimates the microbiome village that is craving the sugary syrups…they actually get flushed out as other micro beings build strength and build territory.

Here's what Casey D has to say about this keto cravings issue:

The idea that we have – and are sometimes powerless against – cravings (a notion that food manufacturers are pleased to reinforce) is so entrenched in our psyches that we don’t question it. It’s a given: I crave, ergo, I must consume. Those who haven’t incorporated this notion into their daily lives are singular souls indeed. And I was not one of those rare folks.
That was, at least, until becoming ‘food sober’ gave me a different and, dare I write, clearer mind about some of our assumptions regarding where food has ranked in our lives as compared to where it should rank. Let’s face it, food has led us around as if we were little cockapoos and it was our haughty owner.
The question posed above led to a couple of immediate thoughts in my mind. One is that no one ever died from a food craving. Really, REALLY wanting a particular food is not fatal, nor an actual emergency. (Sorry but, “get me a danish and nobody gets hurt” has lost its humor when Type 2 Diabetes is a growth industry for pharmaceutical companies and many of us can barely squeeze behind the steering wheel of our cars.) The good news is, we can break out from the yoke of cravings and they need no longer be in the driver seat.

As we mention in the keto quickstart, all you really need to do to succeed at keto, to enter ketosis, is to keep your net carbs down to 20 grams.

keto cravings can consume your body and mind
keto cravings can consume your thoughts

You'll see some people doing scientific measurements and finding the level at which the ketone stick stops showing ketosis, but why bother with such complications? If you keep it to 20 grams or less, you will get into ketosis and stay in ketosis.

20 grams of carbs, is, by the way, a ton of carbs. That's 5 teaspoons of honey, for instance.

The problem is most foods have hidden sugar in it. In fact, every last thing you buy packaged will have sugar in it 99% of the time.

Tip: to live a keto lifestyle and look fabulous, minimize your packaged food consumption.

Remember, you lose when you give up and quit, so even if you have a binge and go out of ketosis, it takes very little to get back on track, enter ketosis, and continue on the path to body success.

After all, the memory improvements, the increased energy, the better sleep, and the mindblowing sexy body are just some of the benefits you can look forward to. Living longer and living happier is also a good side benefit.

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