Costco Ketogenic Diet Gems

Looking to enjoy the cash savings of the keto diet?  Then look no further than looking for keto Costco style.

Here's some bargains we found while cruising the aisles of Costco looking for keto items:

costco almond flour 3 pounds

Probably the best deal on the plant for any keto diet folks that want to bake.  That includes pancakes, muffins, crepes, bread and more.  Ideal for starting your keto diet adventure. Keto Costco favorite.

Blanched Diamond Almond Flour 3 Pounds

That's 3 whopping pounds of the best “flour” to bake with on a ketogenic diet.  Try getting that at Kroger's or any other value chain.  Price is a very reasonable $12.99 in my state for this Diamond Almond Flour at Costco.

keto salmon filet at costco

Salmon lovers, get ready for a real treat!  Costco has a good variety and selection of salmon and steelhead trout filet for sale at the best prices around.

If you haven't heard, Costco also has the best beef available. It tastes better, cooks better, and gives you a full keto meal with a single filet mignon or new york strip. All cuts and styles are always available at Costco.

You get a whole tranche filet to work with, which could easily last one person a month's worth of keto dieting.

With deals like this, you can start to see why Costco is the go-to place for people on the ketogenic diet.

ketogenic organic eggs costco

Like your bacon and eggs?  Well, Costco is absolutely the best place for these items – from organic free-range bacon cuts, maple and applewood and more, and of course, the ever popular 24 pack of organic eggs.

Use these eggs in all your baking recipes, in your morning keto bacon and eggs, and everything else where eggs are needed.

Kirkland Protein Bars Keto Ready

Costco Protein Bars Ketogenic Friendly

One of the superstar keto foods at Costco, with better nutrition data and even the famous Quest bars, are the Kirkland Protein Bars, my favorite keto bars Costco carries.  These Kirkland protein bars keto lovers will enjoy, they have a load of fiber, bringing down the already low carbs in these bars to a low single digit per bar, and makes a perfect keto snack.  My favorite Costco keto low carb protein bars.

Not only that, but they are so tasty they often don't make it to the car before being ripped open.

You get two flavors in each pack, with 10 chocolate chip dough (yum yum!) and 10 Chocolate Brownie (personally, a little heavy on the chocolate, but tasty nonetheless).

With a whopping 21 grams of protein per bar, you can have one of these per day to balance out your protein intake, while keeping your carb count well within the “net 20” rule of full ketosis body ripping. Get your keto diet Costco style!

No artificial flavors mean there's no nasty surprises to degrade your health in these bars – so you can add these as a supplement to your daily routine.

costco protein bars nutritional data

Aw, Nuts –


Low Carb Diet Favorite Shelled Pistachios Costco Keto Snack

Everyone knows we snack more than we should, and the hard core keto guys do that intermittent fasting in their daily routine.  Yet, if you find yourself unable to be strict with your 2-3 meals per day, then many nuts are good for you.

shelled pistachios at costco

Shelled pistachios are probably the all-time favorite for keto snack items.  Apart from universal appeal and the perfect blend of fats, protein and carbs, pistachios are just down-right delicious, and you can grab a handful for a keto snack whenever you want.

The best part of this ketogenic friendly package is there are no shells.  You don't spend your time working for each tasty morsel, but instead can indulge in a handful of delightful flavors, all while keeping in range of your keto requirements.

keto pistachios nutritional information costco

The one thing to note about pistachios is the “net carbs” is a little higher than most nuts (not cashew-crazy carbs, but still something to watch out for).

With a hand serving of 28 nuts or so, you'll be getting 14 grams of fats, 5 grams of “net carbs”, and about 6 grams of protein.

It's still well within the daily “net 20” carbs rule of ketosis, but these nuts will lead you to want to have a second serving, so be careful with the carbs here.

More Keto Costco Items

organic raw shelled pumpkin seeds

Contrasting pistachios are the raw shelled
organic pumpkin seeds – basically a keto staple for anyone really into the keto lifestyle.

More tasty than the go raw sprouted pumpkin seeds Costco used to see, and better price, too. Try these organic pumpkin seeds Costco sells and see how good they taste.

Just take a look at the nutritional powerhouse food information you get with organic pumpkin seeds:

  • 17g fat
  • 10g protein
  • 2g net carbs
organic ketogenic raw pumpkin seeds

While these nuts are not quite as tasty as the pistachios or smoked almonds, you get a good serving of the fat and protein to tide you over to the next meal, with very little in the way of net carbs.

Ketogenic Foods for Snacking

The nuts we've covered so far are popular among all people, and the next nut we'll cover is more of a specialty item.

blue diamond smokehouse salted almonds keto friendly

Irresistable snacking!  Smart Eating!

This is a love/hate kind of nut – the salted smokehouse almonds, but to those who love them, they are one of the tastiest nuts out there.

Since the electrolyte issue with keto is an issue, you can have a small serving of these Costco Blue Diamond Almonds when you are low on energy, couple it with a glass of water, and you'll be back in business in minutes.  Lots of sodium and potassium.

2g net carbs per serving (3 tbsp) also rivals pumpkin seeds, but here you get a smorgasbord of sensation in addition to the ketogenic friendly food.

Let's take a look at the Costco smokehouse almond stats:

smokehouse salted almonds nutritional information

28 nuts gives you are real vitamin delivery in addition to the keto friendly ratios:

  • 16g fat
  • 6g protein
  • 2g net carbs

It doesn't get much better than that for perfect ratios, and vitamin-wise, you see it delivers a nice serving of salt as well as some potassium, so it bumps up your electrolytes as good as any 3rd-party supplement.

With the Costco pricing, you also get a done of servings in a single bag, so you really make bank on this one purchase.

It's also not well known that magnesium is a depleted but needed nutrient for the body, and by having ample magnesium, your brain and body will be happier.

I'd call these salted almonds the happy food of the keto crowd.

And a tip: eat these one nut at a time to fully enjoy the savory sensation.

Give them a try and see if you enjoy them as much as the fans of Blue Diamond.

Shiitake Anyone?

Costco has some awesome rare treats as well that fit the keto diet, including the delish shiitake mushrooms. These have no calories and are perfect for any keto meal you make.

shiitake mushrooms epicurean style are available at Costco..
Epicurean Shiitake Mushrooms at Costco
nutritional information for shiitake mushrooms sold at Costco
Nutritional Info for Shiitake Mushrooms at Costco

Well, looking more closely, we see these particular mushrooms do have some carbs, so be careful to consume 1-2 caps for that 7g net carbs listed above.

Get Your MCT Oil at Costco

In addition to excellent meats at Costco, you can even find keto favorites, like MCT oil, those medium chain tryglycerides that keto people find so helpful. See more mushrooms at Costco here.

organic mct oil from costco from cocounts. Consider it keto fuel.
MCT Oil from Coconuts at Costco

This useful oil is handy for keeping your levels of fat intake at the high level needed for ketosis. Dairy and gluten free and vegan friendly, this mct oil blends well with shakes and coffee (for those bulletproof coffee fans).

You get 2 bottles of 20 fl. ounces of mct oil in this one package.

organic mct oil nutritional details from costco
Coconut Derived MCT Oil Nutritional Info

Coconut Oil at Costco

organic virgin coconut oil is available at Costco
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Costco

If you are looking for a good price for organic virgin coconut oil for your keto diet, you'll love this 84 fl oz container at Costco. In 1 tbsp you get 120 calories from fat, including 12g saturated fats, no trans fats and no cholesterol.

Organic Chicken Stock At Costco

Tasty nutritious organic chicken stock is available at Costco
Organic Chicken Stock at Costco

You get 6 cartons that are a quart each, so a total of 6 quarts in this pack. Created from slow-cooked organic chicken bones, it is a perfect alternative to chicken broth.

organic chicken stock nutritional information for the costco product
Organic Chicken Stock Nutritional Info

With zero carbs this chicken stock is perfect for a wide variety of keto recipes with low carbs.

Keto Sweeteners at Costco

You can also find many good keto sweeteners at Costco, including stevia and monkfruit blends, Splenda, and more.

stevia leaf and monk fruit low carb sweetener at costco
Stevia Leaf and Monk Fruit Sweetener
nutritional information for stevia leaf and monk fruit sweetener
Nutritional Info for Stevia Leaf and Monk Fruit Sweetener

You get a sweetener with no fat, and you'll see they add the antioxidant alcohol distilled sweetener erythritol as well, so it is healthy for you as well as a good sweetener.

More Keto At Costco

Finally, there's one more nut to crack:

organic walnuts at costco

The ever-recommended and perennial favorite walnuts!

Like almost everything at Costco, you get shelled organic walnuts from California that are nutritionally packed with power.

ketogenic friendly walnuts nutritional information

Is it any wonder all the keto kids say walnuts are the best?  Besides looking like brain food, these walnuts actually have good nutritional numbers:

  • 20g fat
  • 5g protein
  • 2g net carbs

If you are a little clogged up, walnuts can help with that – low in sodium and full of potassium, they can get things flowing again, if you have that common keto condition.

More Keto Snacks That Costco Sells

Chia Seeds for Salads

chia seeds keto salad ingredients at costco

These delicious and nutritious seeds are perfect for any salad and are loaded in the right keto combinations.

They are yet another one of the keto foods Costco sells.

nutritional value chia seeds keto food at costco

Looking at the nutritional value of the chia seeds, you can see they are loaded in dietary fiber, rendering these to a mere 3 “net carbs” for 3 tablespoons. That's well within the “net 20” you must aim for on the keto diet.

Costco Hemp Seeds For Keto

Organic Hemp Seeds for the Keto Diet at Costco

New on the scene are the nutritionally keto complete hemp seeds. These tasty seeds complement salads and are rich in Omega oils and protein.  Adding these hemp seeds to your diet is a perfect complement to your keto diet.

hemp seeds nutritional value at Costco

With the standard hemp seed serving of 3 tablespoons, you get 15g of fats, 10g of protein, and zero net carbs (1g carbs minus 1g fiber). Not very often will you find a purely zero net carb food you can use for keto.

If your metabolic type says you are good for keto, you'll love this seed.

Tell Us What Other Costco Keto Gems You Find

There are more keto gems at Costco, so be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you find at Costco to keep yourself enjoying the ketogenic lifestyle.

And include a before and after photo if you want us to publish you on our motivation pages.

If you find some things you like at Costco, post what you find!