Difference Between Keto and Atkins

Here's the difference between keto and Atkins and what you need to know before you choose one lifestyle.
Difference Between Atkins and Keto

When you first hear about the keto diet and learn it is a low carb lifestyle approach to good health and long life, one of the first questions is “what is the difference between keto and atkins?”. After all, Dr Atkins Diet Revolution was all about low carb and lots of protein.

So, before you decide to start a keto diet, you should review the differences between keto and Atkins.

Funny Side Commentary: Dr. Atkins died from a heart attack, and was obese at death. Go figure.

Difference Between Atkins and Keto Revealed
Difference Between Atkins and Keto Revealed

One thing you'll notice when you first compare the keto and Atkins approaches to nutrition is that Atkins had no limit on protein. You could almost be a carnivore, like hunters of ancient days, and be Atkins-compliant.

Keto tries to limit your protein intake by creating a ratio of fats-to-protein and protein-to-carbs.

One false belief is that protein, and particularly meat proteins, can be metabolized into glucose, and this can push you out of ketosis. While it *is true* that your body can make glucose out of meat protein, it is not in sufficient quantities to spike your insulin or look in any way like a sugar binge. The glucose created is quite minimal, sufficient for bodily functions and no more.

Our friends at shape magazine have addressed this discussion, and they have this to add:

While you're not sticking to a specific caloric intake on either program, following keto does require precisely calculating where your calories are coming from, which is 70-80 percent from fat, followed by 15-20 percent protein and just 5 percent from carbohydrates, says McGrane. A key difference between keto vs. Atkins here is that on keto, you can't eat too much protein because it can be broken down into glucose, which is typically the body's source of fuel, “and the whole point is you have to be breaking down fat to get energy” to be in ketosis, she notes.

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Keto vs Atkins – Difference Between Keto and Atkins

Atkins doesn't restrict protein. The classic Atkins 20 Diet is broken into four stages. The initial phase—which is basically a ketogenic diet—includes meat, fish, chicken and shellfish; eggs; fats like butter and olive oil; cheese; and low-carb vegetables. As you progress through the diet and reach stage four, however, you're able to introduce more foods back in, such as fruit, starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, corn, beets) and whole grains (quinoa, whole-wheat bread, oatmeal), gradually increasing your daily carb intake.

What keto restricts mainly is fruits and sweet vegetables (starchy carb rich vegetables like corn and potatoes). The biochemistry science (links below) are showing starchy carbs to be the source of inflammation and thus disease and death. You can live without them and live a healthier life.

Difference Between Atkins and Keto – A Discussion

A claim of the Atkins diet is that low-carb diets can dramatically improve blood glucose control and insulin resistance, which makes it a good choice for patients who need this; yet a study published in Nutrition & Metabolism found that a ketogenic diet actually led to greater improvements in glycemic control than a low-glycemic diet (like Atkins). Another published review found that very low-carbohydrate diets, such as keto, resulted in better improvements in blood sugar control, weight loss, and medication reliance compared with other diets.


Summary of The Difference Between Atkins and Keto

The fact that the Atkins diet leads to a low glycemic diet, which is not the same as glycemic control, has led to a general decline in the number of people who strictly follow the phases of the Atkins diet.

This, coupled with the movement of making keto a lifestyle choice, means that people can be given a keto toolkit to live their life with better choices in nutrition. Keto success is having the discipline for every choice to be made through a keto filter.

It doesn't mean that ice cream and fudge are off limits – in fact, there are many recipes that make keto friendly versions of these treats.

Where many people fail on keto is by thinking bad fats have no impact on health. It is widely known that most all vegetable fats and trans fats are extremely harmful to health. Yes, canola oil, sunflower oil, all are dangerous to your health.

On the Atkins 40, there is no consideration for even trans fats, since the science wasn't really in place in the 1970's. Now we know that trans fats are deadly for us, make us age prematurely, and should be avoided. Not everyone knows the vegetable fats pose as much a danger as the trans fats.

The other movement joining keto is the coupling of fat burning with a higher base metabolic rate. Usually, this is done with aerobic exercise. Highly focused keto folks will couple anaerobic exercise (weight lifting), aerobic exercise and keto to get their six pack abs, curvy butt, and vibrant radiant complexion.

If you are ready to begin the journey to healthy living with a vibrant youthful body, check out the video on the how to start a keto page and let us know how your journey goes.