Keto Questions and Answers

Keto Q&A For the Keto Diet

Here are some popular questions we get on our communications with customers. See if you find your keto diet questions already answered.

Question: Why Is Ketosis Bad?

Ketosis is good. Ketoacidosis is bad. It's important to know the difference. Ketosis is when you have ketones in your body and they are used to make energy from protein and fats. Ketoacidosis is when your system goes off course and you enter into a dangerous metabolic state.

How Can I Ease My Keto?

You can ease your keto by watching your electrolytes and not going too «all in» too quickly. It is best if you take a little time to enter the «low carb» state, since going fast and furious will lead to keto flu, diarrhea, keto crotch, and other unwanted effects.

Do You Feel Hungry In Ketosis?

The keto diet is one of the best «diets» because you really will spend the least amount of time feeling hungry. Only if you add in the intermittent fasting will you have some hunger pangs, and even then, it's not so bad what with all the protein and fat you are allowed to eat.

How Do I stop my Keto Cravings?

The best way to stop a keto craving is to eat your keto foods. Consider the keto cheesecake, for instance, as a way to trick your body into thinking it is cheating, when in fact you are fully keto compliant.

Is Quinoa Keto Friendly?

Ya, Quinoa is keto friendly, but the dressing is not. Try balsamic vinegar and olive oil as your go to dressing for quinoa salads.

What Fast Food Can I eat on Keto?

You can eat any low carb fast food on keto. That means no fries, but you can have chicken nuggets, steak, beans, broccoli, burgers (no bun), no sugar sodas (water and tea is best). If there's bread, starch or carbs, stay away.

What Beans Are Keto Friendly?

The most popular keto beans are almonds, cashews, coconuts, peanuts and walnuts. Pistachio are not so good. Vegetable beans like lima beans are also good for keto.

Can You Cheat On Keto?

Some people swear on a cheat day to keep yourself sane. It's really up to you – if you can make use of the chocolate brownies and other treats we publish, eat that when you feel like it, and you might not need to cheat on the keto diet.

How Do You Know If Your Body Is In Ketosis?

Usually it is the smell of your urine, like acetone, that will be a sign you are in ketosis. If you see your stomach melting away by the hour, you are in ketosis. If you have multi-day diarrhea, you are probably entering ketosis.

How Long Should You Fast On Keto?

Keto is more of a lifestyle choice than a temporary diet. Look at our video in the getting started with the keto diet section for a perspective that will help you prepare for a keto lifestyle. You'll find the section on alcohol useful, probably.

How Long Does It Take To See Results On Keto?

Keto results come fast – often in just days. It depends on how quickly you can get to a low carb/zero carb intake. Most folks will drop a few pounds in the first week. If you cheat, it can really derail the results, since the ketones are swept away and normal digestion resumes. Stick to keto and the results come quickly.

Does Keto Diet Lose Belly Fat?

One of the big attractions to keto is how quickly and effectively it eliminates belly fat. By entering and maintaining ketosis, you'll see your belly fat melt away.

Does Keto Diet Really Work?

Yes, Virginia, the keto diet really does work. This «ketosis state» is the key, so you can't be sloppy with your food choices – low or no carbs and you'll see results in mere days.