The Fat Burning Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding You Can Make In Minutes

Healthy and delicious desserts are a myth these days, which doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Take the recipe we have for you today for example – the keto chocolate avocado pudding, like the keto cheesecake brownies, can be prepared in minutes and allows you to enjoy a dessert without fearing weight gain or other health problems.

It’s all about the avocado in this one. The healthy tropical fruit contains essential nutrients which can significantly improve your overall health. Avocados have been known to boost digestion and metabolism, regulate hormones and fight various ailments.

chocolate avocado pudding for keto dietsSome of the nutrients in this keto friendly pudding contain sterols (beta-sitosterol among them) which can lower the estrogen absorption rate in your body, effectively regulating the male and female sex hormones. Besides this, avocados are full of essential oils which have anti-aging properties and will make you look better than ever.

Do you know what mitochondria are? They are an important element of our cells which keeps them protected against free radicals and produce energy from nutrients.

However, they also produce unstable and harmful components during the process which destroy them and other cellular components as well. This damage speeds up the aging of the cells, and although it’s pretty hard to reverse it, scientists have found a way which involves the use of avocado oil.

According to a recent study, the oil accelerates the respiration in mitochondria, indicating that the production of energy from nutrients in cells attacked by free radicals still occurs, preventing the aging process.  The low carbs in this dessert will help get you into ketosis.

Avocados are full of essential nutrients including iron, magnesium, potassium, boron, calcium, folic acid, vitamins from the B group, fiber, sodium, vitamin E, etc.

Consuming the tropical fruit often can improve your body’s nutrient absorption, especially when it comes to lutein and beta-carotene. The fruit has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well and is full of lecithin, a compound which can improve your brain function, keep the liver healthy and your weight in check.

Here’s how to prepare the delicious avocado-chocolate pudding you’ll definitely love:


*¼ cup cocoa powder

*3-6 tablespoons coconut milk

*3 avocados

*2 teaspoons coconut oil

*A teaspoon vanilla extract

*2 tablespoons honey


Mix the coconut milk and oil, avocados, vanilla extract, cocoa powder and honey in a blender or smoothie maker until you get a fine texture. Pour the pudding in a container, leave it in the fridge for 30-40 minutes then enjoy!