How To Start a Keto Diet

Here you will discover everything you need to get started with keto, including the common fail points, the risk of flu, diarrhea, the pitfalls, and the keys to make your adventure with the keto diet the biggest success you've had in life.

Start with our no-nonsense introduction to keto in our entertaining video format:

To start a keto diet, here are some key facts from the video:

Drinking Alcohol Allowed?

Like the video says, you absolutely can enjoy alcohol!  The important thing to remember is, on a keto diet, it's a lot easier to get drunk.

You should still watch out for the carbs in each beverage, though.  Popular tasty lager beers, for instance, they'll blow out your keto diet and but you back on the track to bloating.  The best drinks to enjoy are wine (0 to 4 g carbs per serving) and hard liquor (on ice, no coke or sprite!!).  Keep your drink quantity down to 3 or less per week to keep under that 20 g “net carbs” per day.

Fruits and Vegetables Forbidden?

There definitely are some fruits you want to stay away from – those ones loaded with sugar, like grapes, raisins, bananas, mangoes, and oranges.

For vegetables, there are a lot of keto friendly options, and these will be your friend as you create a variety of options for your meals.

Good vegetables for keto include:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Green Leafy Salads

Desserts Forbidden?

This is probably the biggest myth in keto, that you can't enjoy sweets.  It's true you can't eat any sugar laden treats, but it doesn't mean chocolate is off the table.  In fact, chocolate is one of the favorite food of keto professionals! With raw cacao and some creative options, you can really treat yourself to some truly tasty treats.

Need some ideas for keto sweets?

Try these tasty treats:

At keto wiz, we have all the creative ways you can max out your cravings with chocolate and chocolate-based treats, including our famous “choco chunks” – tasty treats you can carry around with you and snack on all day long.  I'd recommend you also have some low carb protein bars on hand at all times.

Things To Avoid Completely

When you start a keto diet, there are some things you need to stay away from like the plague.  These items will drop you out of the ketosis state and put you on the path to pudginess, so you want to focus your full attention on never touching these items again:

  • Leaven Bread
  • Table sugar and cane sugar
  • Grains of all types
  • High-sugar fruits and fruit juices (apple juice, orange juice, mango juice, etc)

If you do find yourself indulging in these forbidden fruits, consider getting back on your keto diet the next day and couple it with intermittent fasting.

Cheating and Failure

The keto diet is one of the hardest to start and succeed with, because you quickly realize a lot of things you normally eat each day are not allowed on this diet.

This leads to days where you simply can't resist, and you start eating all the things bad for you.  We call this cheating, and it's a normal part of the keto diet.  On a day where you succumb and eat the “forbidden fruits”, the best thing you can do is enjoy yourself as much as possible doing that, and commit to resuming your keto journey on the following day.

Listen to George and His Success

Stumble and Get Going Again

We all succumb and eat tasty things not allowed on this diet, so don't feel bad about it.  Just try your best to let it happen less and less as you progress on your body transformation.  After all, the amazing body and energy you'll get from this diet will be motivation to stick with it once you have some success.

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Follow these guidelines, and you'll have amazing success with the keto diet!

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