Keto Beef and Broccoli

Low Carb Keto Beef and Broccoli

keto beef and broccoli
keto beef and broccoli

Is anyone else still 5 years old on the inside and likes to pronounce broccoli like bwocowee or is that just me?

Maybe don’t answer that.

We’re continuing the Get Started With Keto train after yesterdays sesame chicken andpaleo gluten free healthy sweet and sour chicken with yet another takeout fakeout recipe that is close to my heart.  I hope you’re not getting lost among the sea of paleo orange chicken, firecracker pineapple chicken and mango chicken, ‘cause I have some MORE takeout inspired recipes coming for you SOON.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we have a low carb stir fry chock FULL of tender, juicy beef and tender-crisp veggies, swirling with spicy-salty and UMAMI rich sauce to DEVOUR for dinner.

See also: what really IS umami and why are people saying it so much these days? I probably didn’t even use it right, but I wanted you to think I was a cool and hip person, not like the reality where I am typing this to you at 5pm still in my pajamas. #REALLIFE

This here paleo beef and broccoli is not like the curry beef and broccoli we ate last year. That one was me trying to be super creative and not feeding you something traditional. Kind of like that time I fed you green curry chicken bowls with watermelon. <– Yes, I bring that up a lot only because I am STILL questioning how that was actually SO tasty.

But, sometime, you just want CLASSIC. SIMPLE. TRADISH kind of flavor you know? And this STUPID EASY, one-pot-kinda-weeknight healthy beef and broccoli is delivering JUST that.

Plus, it also happens to be a LOW carb beef stir fry that is paleo A-N-D whole30 friendly.

Just when you thought you were doomed to 30 days eating only eggs, you find yourself in a magical and TASTY keto stir fry situation.

You’re welcome.

When I tell you that this paleo low carb keto beef and broccoli is EASY to make, I am not even lying to you one little bit.

Marinate your thinly sliced beef in coconut aminos (or soy sauce) garlic and ginger.
Sautee your broccoli in a little bit of avocado oil. Transfer to a plate.
Cook that juicy beef! Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!
Add in the broccoli and sauce and simmer for just a minute or so (you want to keep it juicy and saucy!)
Did you even know it was that easy? Do you feel weird for paying for takeout now that you can make it pretty much with your eyes closed?

Don’t actually try that though.

I don’t want no beef and broccoli law suit on my hands.

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