Keto Diet May Improve Lyme Disease Recovery Time

Keto Diet May Improve Lyme Disease Recovery Time
Keto Diet May Improve Lyme Disease Recovery Time

About 300,000 people acquire Lyme disease each year.

In the research, apart from being a bacterial disease (bugs involved), there is growing evidence that one's diet affects how quickly you recover, even if antibiotics are used in a timely manner.

One of the findings is high carb diets create an environment where Lyme disease can survive even after antibiotic treatment. Dangerous!

Here's a note from MBG to introduce the discussion and bring some key points:

Ditching high-carb foods could support your healing process. This Diet May Help You Recover From Lyme Disease Faster

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They mention the benefits of a keto diet providing include increased mitochondrial functioning (more energy production and use in the cells), reduced inflammation (inflammation is a major indicator of aging, by the way), enhanced methylation (good methylation means strong hormones, reduce inflammation, and better detox), and a better microbiome (the gut bacteria, which affects your health in many ways).

The most effective food protocol for Lyme that I've found in my years of seeing patients around the world is a mostly plant-based ketogenic diet that I call Ketotarian (here's a sample shopping list and meal plan). By avoiding the common pitfalls of the conventional keto diet (lots of meat and dairy and not enough veggies), we can leverage the benefits of nutritional ketosis in the clean, sustainable way that people with chronic infections need.

The key takeaway: if you catch Lyme, go big on keto!

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