Keto-Friendly Chocolatey Crunch Bars (No Refined Sugar, No Grains, No Dairy, No Eggs)

Even with our busy schedules, we find the time to prepare something healthy for lunch or dinner. However, this doesn’t apply for healthy snacks when you are starting a keto diet. Healthy snacks are a challenge – we don’t consider snacks so important to make them healthy.

Most people fail in their quest to lose weight due to their snack choices. Everyone plans meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when on a diet, but when it comes to snacks, we just eat chips or a cheap chocolate bar from the store nearby. Plus, let’s be honest – cupcakes and other candy look spectacular nowadays, so it’s kinda hard to resist them.

Thing is, you won’t find healthy snacks in the market, no matter what their packaging says. The good news is that preparing healthy snacks is easier than you think – all you need is some spare time and good will.

Just like you’re preparing your meals, you can prepare your own snacks and not fall to the temptation of unhealthy snacks. Once you get used to healthy snacks, you will never go back to junk foods again.

Below we have a recipe for healthy keto chocolate bars which are just as crunchy and delicious as any chocolate bar you can get in the market. Trust us – once you try them, you will never want to buy candy again, especially once you get your keto body!

Keto Chocolate Bars

Keto-Friendly Chocolatey Crunch BarsThese simple keto chocolate bars are fun and simple to prepare, delicious, and most importantly, crunchy. They are essentially a mix of nuts and seeds as well as chocolate without the refined sugar. All the foods you’ll use for the bars are completely natural and unprocessed, but don’t worry – they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The best thing about the bars is that they can be easily customized – you can add fruits, nut butter, and whatever nuts and seeds you want. You just need to be creative! Plus, you can make bigger amounts of the snack so you don’t go without a snack for the whole weeks. Here’s how to prepare them:

Chocolate Spread

*1 cup coconut oil

*½ cup cacao powder

*1/3 cup monk fruit sweetener or maple syrup (organic but lots of carbs)


It’s simple – mix everything in a saucepan and melt the ingredients over low heat while stirring. Once they melt well, leave the mix to solidify. You can also freeze the spread if you plan on using it later.

Crunch Bar

*½ cup maple syrup (organic) or monk fruit sweetener

*¼ cup coconut oil

*3 cups nuts and seeds (cashews, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds or anything you like)

*1 cup almond or cashew butter


Melt the monk fruit sweetener, coconut oil, and almond butter on low heat, then add the mixture of nuts and seeds. Add the chocolate as well, then stir until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Next, put it in a baking pan, evenly covering the whole area. Put the pan in the freezer for 2-3 hours or overnight for best results. However, cut the “cake” to cubes before chilling it as it’s easier to serve later.  Compare these bars to the chocolate cake recipe.

Whenever you want a snack, just take out a cube and let it on room temperature for 15 minutes, then enjoy. We bet you’re going to love them!