Low Carb Instant Pot Recipes for Keto

In the search for living a healthy nutritious life in a convenient and fast as possible way, we present you with the low carb instant pot recipes for keto, the quickest way to make delicious meals that are good for you and keep you on the path to low carb and low body fat composition.

In the 1970's, it was popular to use pressure cooking, and pressure cooking today is simply the addition of more smart technology. Instead of just high pressure steam, you can now baste, saute and even make bread with the modern pressure cookers like the instant pot. Keto recipes have never been so easy to prepare!

Quick question: you got the instant pot, right? If not, we have a list of “must-have” features listed below, so you can know what the excitement is all about.

Low Carb Instant Pot
The 10-in-1 Instant Pot is quick and easy for making all instant pot recipes. Image courtesy amazon.com

New to the instant pot and what it can do to revolutionize your keto recipes? Here's the feature list that made this the number one “pressure cooker” in the USA:

Instant Pot Ultra electric pressure cooker is the next generation in kitchen Appliances. A central dial with a simple turn and press provides added precision in program selection and adjustment
New features: altitude adjustment, cooking indicator, and a steam release reset button. The Ultra button for custom programming. The new features include sterilize, cake and egg programs
Replaces 10 common kitchen Appliances – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, saute/searing, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer
Developed with the latest 3rd generation technology with an embedded microprocessor. The microprocessor monitors the pressure and temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration. Product Dimensions- 33 x 31.8 x 31.8 cm
UL certified with 11 safety features to provide peace of mind. New steam release reset button for safer handling. All components in contact with food are food grade 304 (18/8) Stainless Steel
Accessories included: steam rack (with handles), recipe booklet, serving Spoon, Soup Spoon, measuring cup
Power supply: 120V – 60Hz

Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart, best seller in America. Source amazon.com

Keto Instant Pot Dinners

There are way too many succulent and delicious keto instant pot dinners to list on one page, so we have organized them by type. Here are the pages where you can access these easy keto instant pot recipes by main meat ingredient in each of the keto recipes:

keto instant pot chicken recipes that have won the hearts of America.
The most popular keto instant pot chicken recipes of the year. Images Courtesy sustainablecook.com and heyketomama.com

If chicken breasts are your fancy, head on over the the chicken recipe collection. Chicken cooks the fastest out of all the meats in the instant pot, and you can go from pulling supplies out of the fridge to serving colorful and delightful meals in just 30 minutes.

You'll love the instant pot chicken recipes we have, as they are the award winning and most highly ranked as easy to make and super nutritious and delicious. In short, the most loved chicken recipes for instant pot. Go to the chicken instant pot collection.

low carb instant pot recipes using beef, the keto instant pot beef recipes from the instant pot recipes collection.
Delicious and quick keto beef recipes you can make in 30 minutes. Images Courtesy savorytooth.com and foodnservice.com

The instant pot beef recipes are incredibly good, since beef is an ideal ingredient for the pressure cooker. In our keto instant pot beef recipe collection, we have the most loved, most liked recipes online that use beef as an ingredient. Bookmark the beef collection if you enjoy steak, fajitas, enchiladas, or one of the other succulent beef recipes available. Just search for the onions and garlic recipes to find my all-time favorites.

All beef recipes are certified for low net carbs, and many are gluten free. In short, the healthiest, most nutritious meals you can make at home today. With just 30 minutes or less for each recipe, it becomes trivial to make a meal plan your family will love.

Specialty Low Carb Instant Pot Recipes

Besides the highlights for keto beef recipes using the instant pot, and the chicken instant pot recipes for keto, we are gathering the pork recipes suitable for keto, and we also found some keto friendly recipes that do not include one of these meats, and they are included below. These specialty dishes are as follows:

Keto Instant Pot Cabbage Recipe

keto buttered cabbage in the instant pot, quick and nutritious.  Tasty as it gets!
Keto Instant Pot Buttered Cabbage. Images Courtesy of myforkinglife.com

This is one of the low carb vegetarian instant pot recipes I love the most, and you can make this instant pot buttered cabbage real quick, and it is a delicious vegetable that is good for you and healthy as well.

Start with one cup of chicken broth and add it to your instant pot.

Put in 1/4 cup of butter on top.

Slice up the cabbage into 2″ strips and cut out the tough core and discard.

Put the cabbage in the instant pot and cook on high for 6 minutes. Use the quick release to slowly let out the steam. add salt and pepper to taste. It should be on your plate ready to eat 30 minutes from the time you started.

Go to full recipe.

Pressure Cooking Today

instant pot pressure cooking today with a keto flair is effortless and easy
Pressure Cooking Today with the Instant Pot Is So Much Easier

Pressure cooking today with the instant pot is so much easier than the old days boiling the pressure cooker on the stove. With all the electronics and automation built into the instant pot, you can so much more with this one appliance.

In addition to the instant pot chicken, instant pot beef, and buttered cabbage, two more fabulous keto instant pot recipes are worth looking at, so we cover them below right on this page.

Keto Pressure Cooker Recipes

Here are two more of the best low carb instant pot recipes for keto, including a delicious cheesecake that everyone will love, and pork carnitas with such a juicy flavor that no one will guess you didn't slave over the oven the entire day.

Keto Cheesecake

low carb instant pot recipes for keto cheesecake.  total cook time 34 minutes.
Easy Keto Cheesecake, Images Courtesy laraclevenger.com

This recipe will take some time to chill in the freezer, while the main instant pot will take about 34 minutes to cook and 24 minutes to naturally cool. All in, plan for about 9 hours from start to finish, including the refrigerator chill time.

You'll need a steaming rack in your instant pot, and erythritol for the zero carbohydrate sweetener, so be sure you have those on hand.

Good news is each serving has a low 8 grams of carbohydrates, so one slice a day is withing your keto macros.

Go to recipe.

Instant Pot Carnitas Keto

low carb instant pot recipes for carnitas
Low Carb Instant Pot Recipes – Carnitas – Images Courtesy tessadomesticdiva.com

Using about 3 pounds of pork roast shoulder, some cumin, garlic powder and coriander, you can cook this in your instant pot in just 35 minutes, saving you the normal 3-4 hours on the stove top.

You'll use the instant pot in two ways with this recipe – cooking on high, and then on saute for the last bit of time. When you see most of the sauce boiled away and the meat getting slightly crispy, you are done.

Spice it up with some lime juice and green salsa, and you have yourself one tasty meal that everyone will adore.

Go to recipe.

Enjoy Your Instant Pot

There have been few, if no other appliances as invaluable as the instant pot. When it comes to nutritious, healthy meals that you can make from start to finish in under 30 minutes, I cannot think of one equivalent.

Maybe the vitamix blender, but then you are limited in choices. You certainly don't get all the beef and chicken preparations enjoyed the world over!

I do hope you make daily use of your instant pot pressure cooker, including its saute function (one of my favorites!), and enjoy it for many more years to come.

Who knows, maybe robot assistants are next – ones that can order the ingredients, do the recipe preparation chopping and dicing, and maybe even operate the instant pot as well!

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