3 Powerful Benefits of Raspberry Ketones For Weight Loss Efforts

Raspberry, a red colored berry with fresh aroma and distinctive taste is known to be having about 200 molecules that together offer it the much talked about flavor. Out of so many flavoring molecules, the experts found raspberry ketone more promising and flavorful. The use of this compound in cosmetics have been there from decades now. It was originally used in Eastern Asia but lately it has been discussed and debated all over the world due to its weight loss properties.

What You Need to Know About Raspberry Ketones

Owing to the molecular structure of raspberry ketones which resembles capsaicin found in chili peppers, the researchers carried out the studies on human tissues and mice to know whether it also prevents weight gain just as capsaicin.

The naturally found compound having few evidences of weight loss is now embedded in supplements to get the faster results.

Why you need to take Raspberry Ketones in supplement form…

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are present in raspberries, blueberries and cranberries but it would be just a trace of this compound. The experts realized that if this compound needs to be used for weight loss then the quantity should be high enough to get the desired results.

If you consume raspberries to get the same effect of the 100mg dose then you may be required to have at least 90 pounds of raspberries, which is pretty high! Apart from raspberry ketone, you would also be taking calories and fibers which your body won’t accept. So, the idea of supplements containing raspberry ketone in its concentrated form clicked to the experts. The supplements have nothing but the pure raspberry ketone responsible for weight loss.

How does Rasberry Ketones work?

The weight loss effects from raspberry ketone are not yet explained thoroughly by the scientists. But the studies reveal that the consumption of this compound increases the levels of adiponectin (also called GBP-28, apM1, AdipoQ and Acrp30) in the blood and consequently enhances the metabolism.

This increased metabolism results in weight loss since more heat is generated in the conversion of fat to energy. Though this supplement is known for weight loss, you can’t expect quick miraculous results. The use of this pill along with appropriate exercise and diet will give the best chances of positive results. This supplement can be the part of weight loss program to get accelerated results but it cannot be the sole solution to weight loss, since it sends a message to the body that you are in ketosis (which helps it convert fat to energy).

Side-effects, if any

When you are using any new supplement, the side-effects become key consideration. Raspberry Ketone (RK) is pure and natural but as the quantity of this compound available naturally is too less, the companies resort to the synthetic form of this compound to produce the supplement. This may be the cause of side-effect some times.

Some side-effects experienced on consumption of this supplement are increased heartbeat, blood pressure and jitteriness. Pregnant women may always consult the medical practitioner before taking this supplement.

Are clinical studies available?

There are no evidences of human trials of RK but clinical studies are conducted on mice. In one study, a group of mice was fed with high fat diet and also with 0.5 to 2% of RK while another group of mice was fed with high fat diet for first 5 weeks without any RK addition and next 5 weeks with RK. The use of RK along with high fat diet have shown considerable control on weight gain.

Another study conducted on rats used the dosage of .542 to 2.18 g/kg which is quite high when used for humans as it comes to about 80 to 340 mg/kg in humans. Hence, the dosage is very high as compared to other weight loss and fat burning compounds. Again, the results are not that clear and proven on humans.

So now you should be able to decide if rasberry ketones are for you, based on facts mentioned here.  They go perfectly with My Top 3 Keto Low Carb Protein Bars.