Subway Low Carb Keto

Subway Low Carb Lettuce Wrap
Avoid the bun and stay keto at Subway

Welcome to the Subway low carb ideas guide.

So, you and your friends are at Subway and you think to yourself “what is keto friendly here at this Subway fast food restaurant?”.

After all, bread is pretty much non-keto food.

Well, we got you covered, and have lots of options for you to eat low carb at Subway and stay in ketosis.

How To Order Low Carb At Subway

The big tip for ordering at Subway is the lettuce wrap. Ingenious, but by staying away from all buns and flatbreads, you are 90% of the way to a keto meal.

Just ask for your sandwich choice in a lettuce wrap, and they will know what you mean.

All the cheese is keto friendly. All the meat meals are keto friendly. Go hog wild! Black forest ham is great. Roast beef is tasty. Over Roast Chicken is a little cumbersome in the lettuce wrap.

You could try carved turkey or even Italian BMT. Spicy Italian or the cold cut combo are other good choice for ketosis. If you like the turkey breast low carb option, you might want to enjoy that without the bread.

Subway Flatbread Facts

Don't be fooled into thinking the flatbread is keto compliant.

The 6-inch flatbread has 38 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of protein and about 4.5 grams of fat. Sadly, 38 grams of carbs will knock you right out of ketosis (and probably set off a bout of diarrhea, btw.) There's good news now! Check out the salad wraps and meat salad options you have at Subway, including the alternatives to subway sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches you may still long for.

Can You Eat a Wrap on Keto?

Yes, but with a twist. Not the normal wrap, but a lettuce wrap. Even the pitas and wraps have too many carbs to let ketosis continue, so you must choose only the lettuce wraps.

How Many Carbs Are In a Subway Flatbread?

Too many! 34 carbs to be exact. You must avoid the flatbread when on a keto diet.

If you think any bread or wrap at Subway is good for low carb or keto, think again! All breads are bad, bad bad.

Check here for the nutrition information and confirmation from Subway that all breads and wraps are no good for a low carb diet. If weight loss is your goal, stick to the salad wraps and salads with lots of meats (see below).

Subway Wrap Carbs

The carbs in a subway wrap are one of the best ways to keep your carb count low.  By including low sugar sauces, you'll be able to enjoy a meal at Subway that will help keep your disgestion clean running and avoid that bloating feeling that starchy carbs will give you.  You'll be in the range of approximately 300 calories, including eight grams of fat, one gram of salt, about 50 grams of carbs (0 to two grams of fiber (reduce that from the carb count), and one gram of sugar), with eight or so grams of protein.  In the modern diet, this is standard for one meal a day, so be sure to ask for that lettuce wrap alternative to keep the carbs really low.

Does the Subway Keto Diet Work?

Yes, if you avoid the breads, grains, pitas and wraps and stick to the meats and cheeses. The steak and cheese, for instance, is sure to keep you satisfied for a long time. Be sure to be liberal with the low carb vegetables, , like onions, green peppers, cucumbers, and, of course, lettuce.

The roast beef is another excellent keto choice. It has a perfect protein/fat ratio for keto. If you go with chicken or turkey, then the fat/protein ratio is not in the right balance, and you'll need to add mayonnaise without sugar to the mix.

What Subway Sauces are Keto Friendly?

You can use the vinegar dressing, the olive oil, and the balsamic dressing.

Is Honey Keto friendly?

Nope! But a small amount is ok. You get pure carbs – 1g of honey is 1g of sugar carbs. If you want to be stay in ketosis, then it is better to use monk fruit, or erythritol, the healthy sugar substitute. You'd have to bring these with you as Subway doesn't have them in stock.

Keto Drinks at Subway

Be sure to pick water or the carb free drinks if you choose a drink.

There are just a few safe carb free drinks to choose at Starbucks, so here they are:

  • Dasani Water
  • Any diet soda

My Favorite Low Carb Subway Meal

subway low carb cold cut combo salad
Subway's Low Carb Cold Cut Combo Salad

No doubt, the best low carb meal at Subway is a cold cut combo salad. Be sure to ask for the deluxe upgrade, so they lop on tons of extra cold cuts (it gives you double meat!). That will give you about 610 calories, 5g net carbs and 20 grams of protein.

It's perfect for anyone doing workouts at the gym, to have a healthy salad with a solid 20 grams protein.

Next Best Salad at Subway

If the cold cut combo salad doesn't cut it for you, and you want your bacon and butter fix, then try the chopped tuna salad. It is higher in calories, nearly 1000 of those, but lower carbohydrates (just 2g) and even more protein, 32 grams.

If you get a chance, add some spinach for the magnesium content (which helps you sleep better on a keto diet), and add in ample amounts of mayonnaise, black olives, and even some yellow peppers for a bit of a zing (but not too spicy!). You can always ask for extra tuna and extra oil if you are feeling hangry.

Rotisserie Style Chicken Salad at Subway

The keto macros are great at Subway for this rotisserie style chicken salad, if that's your thing. You get just 350 carbs, 29 grams of carbs, and just 6 grams of carbohydrates. It's a good choice for a keto diet.

Visually Ugly But Still Tasty Keto

Yet another salad option for keto fans is the Spicy Italian.

The Spicy Italian salad is, yes, spicy, with pepperoni with a zing.

Don't despair with this choice – the spicy italian is tasty as all get out, and very keto friendly.

Keto macros with carb count, here ya go:

You get 700 calories, 24 grams protein, and just 5 grams carbs.

Down and Out Subway Keto

If you just want to chew on meat and little else, go for the roasted chicken patty salad.

If you get a good Subway worker, you'll get it hacked up into little cubes, so no need to gnaw on it.

Give it a shot, with banana peppers, olive oil, vinegar dressing, black olives, and a pickle if you like the sour taste. You can even choose the ranch dressing, surprisingly enough! It's low in carbohydrates, indeed! Sadly it is soybean oil, which will kill you.

If you want a second opinion from a formerly obese friend who loves keto now and loves Subway, check out his youtube video:

Last Thoughts For Our Subway Low Carb Guide

So, you know the bread is bad for you. The only way to go with Subway is Subway wraps and meat-based chopped salads with healthy dressings and side beverages. Generally, restaurant ranch and mayo will be made with vegetable oils, which will kill you [science journal stuff]. Better to add those things from your supplies at home, the stuff you get from whole foods, or whatever.

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