The Keto Boiled Egg Diet

As you may know, eggs are a wonderful keto food and this keto boiled egg diet will prove it to you. You can practically stay on a keto diet simply by eating eggs.

It would be a bit boring, maybe difficult to maintain, but the results are impressive.

See this story from epoch and how a short 3-5 days eating just a few boiled eggs each day could be the key to kickstarting keto and your weight loss journey.

Keto Boiled Egg Diet Tips

Every day, it seems that another impressive-looking diet pops up on the internet, encouraging patrons to cut things out of their daily menus and focus on specific food categories in order to drop dozens of pounds.

While some of the fad diets are unsustainable in their entirety, though, other types of much more balanced diets are tough to keep up simply because most people crave culinary variety. That’s been cited as one of the biggest struggles that weight watchers find when following the “boiled egg diet”—after a while, it becomes boring and they quit.

The boiled egg diet, though, sometimes gets taken too literally by hopeful dieters. Eggs are one of the most highly recommended foods by doctors and nutrition experts because they pack such a powerful punch. 

Eggs contain both inexpensive and high-quality sources of protein, and they contain all kinds of important nutrients like zinc, copper, iron, and vitamin B12—which is a key component in the body’s proper metabolic function.  For people looking to burn fat and trim some pounds off the scale, that’s crucial.

To keep it keto, you avoid any references to grapefruit juice (totally a carb drink) and be liberal with the salt.

the 5 day keto boiled egg diet is one way to enter ketosis and have your body burn off its fat stores.
Keto Boiled Egg Diet Secrets

Overview of Keto Boiled Egg Diet

Here is the keto egg diet:

  • 6 soft boiled eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • Cheese (sliced, or any cheese you enjoy)

Ideally, you couple 18-22 hour intermittent fasting (just water during those hours) along with the eggs, butter and cheese. You'll keep your keto macros right on track (25-30% protein, 70% fat, 5% carb).

You can have more cheese than one ounce, but remember the little discussed fact about keto – if you eat a ton of fat (and blow out your macros) then it has to go *somewhere*, and it may well be added to your buttocks or stomach. In short, don't go wild with the cheese.

Everyone is pretty keen on the fasting for most of the day, as it helps the body clean up any junk and helps you look and feel better. Here's one more take on the egg fast.

Hard boiled? They are not as good as soft boiled. The softer the yolk, the more bioavailable the nutrients become, so try to keep them soft or runny. It won't kill you to make them hard, but it is better to have them soft if possible.

By following this keto boiled egg fast diet, you force your body to look to fat stores to get its energy.

This is what induces ketosis – no carbs in the digestive system, so it goes looking for energy.

The other nice thing about the keto egg diet is the short time you need to be following it. Just 5 days!

this keto egg diet is great for burning fat off of the body.  Takes just 5 days, too.
Enter ketosis with the keto egg diet

Can you eat 10 eggs per day instead of 6? Well, it is better to stick to 6 eggs, but if you want to do one day with 10, next day with 8 and 3 days with 6, you should be able to enter ketosis.

MCT oil instead of butter? Of course – any healthy fat source will work. Avoid any vegetable oils.

If you are hyper sensitive to cholesterol, please consult your doctor before starting a new nutritional program.

Other Benefits of the Keto Boiled Egg Diet

A big problem in society is insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and one of the things a ketogenic diet helps with is improving sensitivity to insulin and reducing or preventing type 2 diabetes.

This keto egg diet will do all this for you in just 5 days. It's a sugar free diet!

You can check your progress with keto test strips – little test strips you pee on and it shows your level of ketosis based on the amount of ketones found in your urine. By the end of day 5 you should have a healthy level of ketones showing on your ketone test strip.

Can you continue beyond 5 days?

Yes, some people do this diet for a month or more. It is all up to your willpower and ability to keep the diet without straying. If you can keep it up for a month or more, you may be totally shocked at how your body is transformed.

How Many Egg Yellows Are Safe?

This is an area of intense discussion in biochemistry. The yellow is where the cholesterol is, of course, but science is showing it to be “healthy” cholesterol, and may be essential to good health.

If you watch videos of foxes raiding the hen house, and eating the eggs, you see those little animals can eat a dozen or more without a problem. So I think 6 soft boiled eggs per day is safe and good to lose weight.

Which Toppings for the Keto Boiled Eggs?

Anything non-sugared. Can be salt, pepper, Tabasco and other hot sauces. Mustard (yellow or dijon). Just make sure no added sugar for any topping you may consider.

The real challenge on the keto egg diet is sticking with it, and one way to keep your taste buds keep on continuing is the use of sauces, so be creative with the toppings and tastes you add.

Personally, I love paprika now and then – give it a try and see what I mean.

Coffee or Tea on the Egg Diet?

Yes, any low calorie drink like black coffee or green tea, orange pekoe tea, and so forth is allowed, just as long as no milk is added and no sugar added. You can try MCT oil, and stevia though, since they keep you in keto.

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