Why Your Metabolic Type Is The Most Important Thing To Know

In 2011, Dr. Philip Goglia brought the “Metabolic Type” identifier to the world stage in 2011 – a little known discovery about the human body and how it affects metabolism.

It described the reason why many people fail to see results when they begin a new program (everyone).  Dr Goglia can look at your body type and know a lot about you.  It's like you can ask “what is my metabolic type quiz” and actually get an answer that changes your life.

Now, after verifying the results with many actors and sports professionals, this diagnosis is available to people online and linked below


What Is My Metabolic Type Quiz

Do you know your metabolic type?  To find your metabolic type, Dr Goglia has, for a limited time, put his Santa Monica metabolic diagnostic quiz online, so you can try it now:

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 Goglia Metabolic Assessment

About Dr Goglia

Dr. Goglia is well known in southern California (Dr. Oz talks about him) for being the best go-to guy for body issues. He has some interesting things to say, too – like “only 3% of the population does well by eating a normal diet”. He also says working out is not always the best thing for many people.

His 30 years of experience is rare in this industry, too.

Find Your Metabolic Type

Is our metabolism fast?  What does that mean anyways?  Is your metabolism slow, and what should you do if it is?

If you want to know how to find your metabolic type, you can fly to Southern California and pay the $695 initial consultation fee, or simply use his online metabolic quiz to find your metabolic type and get your complementary action plan (in downloadable pdf format).

Your completion of the metabolic type quiz will give you all these things:

  • The 18 page personal report
  • Tips on improving your metabolism, with meal plans
  • How to live well without starving or counting calories
  • How to unlock the fat burning power of your metabolism
  • Meal programs that are quick and easy, and designed for your metabolic type

Besides being an expert in nutrition and diet, Dr Goglia holds medals from a bodybuilding championship, and is a three-time cancer survivor, so he knows a bit or two about personal health.  Dr. Goglia is the founder and creator of “Turn up the heat”, a system to increase metabolic rate for practically anyone. He's known as the nutritionist to the stars, with Chris Pratt, and a Kardashian on his client list.  Consider Dr. Goglia as the body fat expert in California where all the beautiful bodies hang out.

While it is still available, fill out the quiz now and get started on the path to optimal health:

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p.s. don't delay another second – if losing weight without visiting Los Angeles interests you, Dr. Goglia is the pre-eminent doctor for hips waist reduction using nutrition, and the best sports medicine clinic in the Los Angeles region.  You can get everything the movie stars have access to with this online metabolic quiz without a significant change in your eating habits.  His experience in performance fitness concepts can be in your hands today!

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