Low Carb Chipotle

Low Carb Chipotle For Keto

low carb keto chipotle options you can eat and stay in ketosis

Rejoice Chipotle mexican food fans! There are fast food keto diet meals here! Lots of them, and a big range of low carb recipes, too.

Burrito Bowl Low Carb Options

The burrito bowl choices are very keto friendly. Lots of ways to mix them, too. Your Chipotle order will be low carb when you choose these items and keep it under 20g net carbs.

Menu Item FillingsCaloriesCarbs
Barbacoa Burrito Bowl1702g
Carnitas Burrito Bowl2100g
Chicken Burrito Bowl1800g
Sofritas Burrito Bowl1509g
Steak Burrito Bowl1501g
Veggie Burrito Bowl1904.5g

Of course, you'll want some toppings for your burrito bowl, and here are the low carb toppings you can choose:

Burrito Bowl ToppingsCaloriesCarbs
Fajita Vegetables205g
Fresh Tomato Salsa254g
Monterey Jack Cheese1101g
Sour Cream1102g
Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa154g
Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa304g
Romaine Lettuce51g

You can mix the fillings and toppings to make a low carb meal.

low carb chipotle with the barbacoa burrito bowl and toppings
Barbacoa meat is succulent, delicious and low carb

The barbacoa filling, fresh tomato salsa and queso toppings gives a meal with 10 g carbs. The barbacoa has a low 7g fat. Choose the tomatillo green chili salsa instead of tomato salsa if you like it more spicy. You'll end up with the same 10 grams of carbs in total.

This is some of the best Chipotle nutrition you will find. For some very healthy keto fat content, consider the guacamole topping. The guacamole has a lot of calories but the fat is extremely healthy for you.

Notes on Included Items

Avoid the rice bean options since they are carb heavy.

The fajita veggies are a pleasant 5 g net carbs and zero fat, so you can use those in your burrito bowl as well. In addition to the fajita vegetables, the romaine lettuce is also very low carb with just 1g of carb.

If you are looking for maximum protein, the chicken burrito bowl is the winner with 32g protein. Steak, barbacoa and carnitas all come in at the low 20g's of protein.

Keto Salad Bowls

Another low carb keto option at Chipotle is the salad bowl. Let's show the combinations you can choose to keep the carbs low.

Salad Bowl FillingsCaloriesNet Carbs
Barbacoa1702 g
Carnitas2100 g
Chicken1800 g
Sofritas1509 g
Steak1501 g
Veggie2308 g

If you are looking for toppings with 0g fat, you have five options: fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo green chili sauce, tomatillo red chili sauce and romaine lettuce. More importantly, here is the carb content for the toppings:

Salad Bowl ToppingCaloriesNet Carbs
fajita vegetables205 g
fresh tomato salsa254 g
guacamole2308 g
monterey jack cheese1101 g
queso1204 g
sour cream1102 g
tomatillo green chili sauce154 g
tomatillo red chili sauce304 g
romaine lettuce51 g

Just like the burrito bowls, you have a wide selection of fillings and toppings to make your salad bowl and keep it low carb. Note that roasted chili corn salsa and Chipotle honey vinaigrette are both too high in carbs to include in our list.

Kids Keto at Chipotle

There is a way to make a keto meal for kids at Chipotle if you go with the kid's quesadilla. The kids tortilla has 13.5 g carbs. The chicken fillings has 0 g carbs. Montery jack cheese is 1 g carbs, so you can get a complete quesadilla with about 14.5 g carbs – a good low carb keto meal.

Things to Avoid at Chipotle

For a low carb meal at Chipotle, stay away from all the tortilla chips. Large tortilla chips and the chips and guacamole, all chips are bad for low carb. The Guacamole on its own isn't bad, but the Chipotle tortillas are a carb dungeon (70g to 127g carbs).

The burrito bowls are excellent choices for low carb keto but avoid the burrito wrap, since the tortilla blows out your carb limit at 50 g carbs.

The same problem exists for the Chipotle tacos. The crispy corn tortilla and even the flour tortilla blows out your carbs and will kick you out of ketosis.

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The numbers on this page were taken in part by the Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu Nutrition tool at this nutritional calculator page.